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What every website needs…

and from just £350 you could have it all

Design to reflect your brand and ideals

Do you have a logo, printed materials or other ideas that you would like incorporated into you website?

What is the overall “feel” you would like for your site? such as fun, relaxed, professional, contemporary?

Choice of colours & fonts

The typefaces and colour scheme you choose reflect the branding and feel of your site.

2 fonts and a colour scheme of maybe 3-5 colours including white can be a good start.

We are happy to put these together for you but if you wanted to get some inspiration, here are two great resources that I love and can get lost in for hours!

Google fonts / Coolors

Images, photo gallery / portfolio

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

An amazing photograph or illustration can tell your visitor what you’re all about with just one glance, and a ‘hero image’  or animated slider can make a great introduction to your site. 

Show off what you do, your artwork, products, or finished project photos in a  gallery, portfolio or  image carousel (See some examples here)

Contact form / Newsletter sign up

Provide a way for your vistor to get in touch with enquiries or requests, or to sign up to your newsletter. (intergrate with email marketing providers such as Mailchimp)

Fully responsive

A responsive websites adapts to different screen sizes which means that whatever device your visitors are using, be it laptop, tablet or phone, they will get the best possible view of your site.

Blog / Latest news page

A blog or news page gives you a platform to create and share news, stories and insights into what you do and why you do it.

Content that can be shared across social media so a great way to draw interested vistors to your site

Additional services to consider

go on you know you want to!


I can host and manage your site for you for a monthly fee.

There are various options for the level of hosting and management you may require, details HERE

If you are planning on maintaining the site yourself I can’t recommend these guys enough Siteground.

Local SEO strategy

Search Engine Optimisation. Improve the visibility of your website when customers search for the type of services you provide.

Meta descriptions and page titles, citations and structured data mark up, plus lots of other little tricks and tweeks can all help you move up the relevant search listings in your local area.

But if you don’t want to learn about all that boring stuff, just get me to do it for you!

@yourdomain email address

An email address can look a tad more professional than [email protected]!

If I’m providing your hosting I can also set up as many email addresses as you’d like, [email protected] , [email protected] etc. to forward to the account of your choice.

eCommerce – online shop

Add an online shop to your website, take secure paypal or credit card payments.

Display and sell your products the way you would like, arranged into catagories and include options such as colours or sizes, or allow your customers to order personalised or custom items. Your shop the way you want it.

HTML emails for newsletters / promotions

Send out responsive emails with formatting, images and links. Promote new products and services, or send a cool newsletter to your subscribers.

Social media

Feature your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook feed on your site. Have a page for your Google Business or Facebook reviews.

Have your pages optimised for social media sharing, so you can show the image and text that you would like to use to get your message across rather than just random content from that page or post.